Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Review

If you hear the words 'Wharfedale Diamond' you probably think of different smaller variants of music products. High-quality sound and good quality / price ratio.


We want to introduce you to the 'Wharfedale 12.3' through this way. Although the 12.3 is not really considered as a 'budget' model, it is still on the more affordable side of the top speakers. What is the most important point is that the musical area is in such a way that you will find the upgrade of, for example, the 11.1 to 12.1 more than worth more than.


Wharfedale often tends to start with a clean slate with new generations (11.1 / 12.1). That is also the case here, the design has been reinvented with various new specifications.


The cupboard of 12.3 is unique in its straight edges and stylish finish.


In the article from HiFi about the 12.3 you will find more information about the product and some nice comparisons with competitors of Wharfedale.


Click here For the full review.


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