Wharfedale comes with a new line called Evo4 Series, which will put a new standard in the Hi-Fi world. We also didn't expect the most famous name in British speakers.

We from WharfedaStore dare to say that the Wharfedale Evo4 series is the best in its price range. The EVO4 series prohibited the boundaries of technology and performance to the design of the cabinets and the materials used in its pronounced design. The EVO4 is head and shoulders above the competition.

This series uses a specially designed Amt (Air Motion Transformer) Transducer. This AMT makes it possible to move a larger volume of air during performance than with a conventional soft dome tid. This higher pressure, encouraged by the AMT, provides an improved HF display of point sources with lower deformation properties than conventional tweeters. This results in the Wharfedale EVO series provides a stunning pure brightness of the musical performance.