Linton Heritage

Gilbert Briggs, who founded Wharfedale in 1932, made the company one of the most famous loudspeaker manufacturers in the world by focusing on a price-quality ratio.

The Linton Heritage represents one of the most iconic models in the history of the Wharfedal speakers. A model with a bloodline that goes back to 1965, the Linton series is manufactured according to the wharfedal principles of quality and value for money. The new Wharfedale Linton is a further example of these two Edicten, balancing of fine craftsmanship, natural sound quality and affordability in a beautifully proportioned speaker.

The original Linton was known for its warm, rich and naturally sounding character and the new Wharfedale Linton loves that standing, but throws another scoop. The Linton Heritage will seduce you until it again explores your entire music collection.