Reva series

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The REVA series is one of the newest in the Audiophile speakers of Wharfedale, the best known name in the British speaker country.

Great Britain has been recognized worldwide for a long time as the home base of the loudspeaker technology in the field of innovation and quality. This reputation has been built up in the course of many years by some of the world's most famous loudspeaker manufacturers. Wharfedale, which was established more than eighty years ago, has always come to the development of this reputation.

The Wharfedale Reva has been designed to offer the most modern leading accuracy and musical details and originated from a combination of extensive research into unique driver and cab technology, combined with a passion for music.

From Wharfedale's own fiberglass woven bass and central tone drivers to the 7-layer piano-lance paint effect, the REVA series is beautiful inside and out and will give your music collection and home cinema experience an exciting experience.