The SW series of subwoofers offers a performance level that so far was unprecedented in their class. Revolutionary drive units, amplifier modules and filter stairs are available on each model. The new SW-SUBWOOFERS series is equipped with a large number of new functions. They are now supplied with non-Pressed Paper Cones for more self-damping, improved transitional impact and internally increased the structural stiffness of the cone itself. The middle openings are coated with copper to reduce the magnetic distortion and to improve heat dissipation.


The SW subwoofers still use the solid, well-designed power amplifiers and are optimized for a high impact at low frequencies and are ideal for films or music. Here the subwoofers can be linked to other speakers. Take a look at the assortment where you can view the brand new speakers of the new EVO4 series.

Experience everything you have missed thanks to our impressive series of active subwoofers. With drivers with a diameter between 250-380 mm and frequency response between 30-200 Hz there is a Wharfedale subwoofer for every or you are now a movie lover, hip hopfan or symphonic connoisseur, every element within our subwoofer assortment is designed to dynamics of your to supplement speakers, making their general performance and ultimately improved your listening experience. The bookshelf speakers are a good example to give the subwoofer the right combination in the sound at your home!


Why a subwoofer?

The addition of a subwoofer adds weight and authority to any stereo system, so that the frequency response is expanded much further than with conventional bass drivers. With Wharfedale subwoofer, the built-in amplifiers are designed to give a powerful response to these frequencies, while a continuously variable cross-over provides seamless integration with the other speakers in the system. Here you can think of various floor standing speakers or the very neat bookshelf speakers. All models offer a phase adjustment for the additional alignment of the sound.

In a multi-channel system, a subwoofer is recommended to process the 'LFE' or low-frequency channel of Dolby Digital or DTS sound. The PowerCube offers the impact and the dynamics to really bring the soundtrack to life.

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