Over Bluetooth speakers

The Wharethale Exson series portable Bluetooth speakers are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the contemporary music lover. The Exson series speakers make it easier to enjoy your music inside and out and bring portability and fun in your listening experience and daily life.


With aspects of the rich wharfedal legacy in offering portable music display for music lovers, it is our passion to deliver attractive, handy and practical audio solutions.


Where and whenever you want!

Take music from your phone or tablet to the garden, to the beach, to the forest, to the pool or to the gym. With the Wharfedale Exson series wireless speakers you can play your music everywhere.


The Wharephedale portable Bluetooth speakers distinguish themselves from ordinary speakers through their long service life, sustainable designs, powerful drivers, incredible fabrics that are controlled by unique DSPs on board, hands-free telephone functionality and other unique functions.


True to our history and our vision we believe that the Wharfedale Exson series has the best Bluetooth speakers in their class. To demonstrate the wharfedal authenticity as benchmark in affordable speakers with leading technology, styling and above all sound performance, we have created Exson because your lifestyle requires this and earning your ears!


Exson M

Explore the outdoors on your favorite soundtrack with the wireless Bluetooth speaker Exson M from Wharfedale. With a stylish and shockproof exterior, the Exson M ensures that you never miss a beat, no matter how heavily the circumstances are. It is light weight, heavy loadable and equipped with a very handy carrying handle to do it well on your big day. Go on the town's side in the skate park or on your next camping tour again without your favorite tracks thanks to the Exson M of Wharfedale.


Exson S

Whether it's about the pool, workplace or at the back garden barbecue, our newest Bluetooth offer is waterproof, dustproof, drop-free and all that you delivers that famous whale sound. With a high volume output, double wharfedal radiators and a Maxx bass DSP for deep bastons, Exson S ensures that your music releases well above the background noise to deliver crystal clear tones, structured centurial tones and deep bass. It is our first really versatile, very powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker.