Refund policy

Returns can be made within 14 days after receipt of reason. After cancellation, the product must be received within 14 days by AudioLabstore. As soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 days after terminals you will receive the full order amount credited. Only the costs for the return product to AudioLabstore are for your own account. If the right of withdrawal is made, it is important that the product is reasonably unused. You can try the product (tests). Undesesting we understand whether the product meets expectations. Under uses it is understood to mean that you do not use the product for two weeks (user traces) and then want to use the right of withdrawal. If it appears that the product is damaged in such a way, costs will be charged for the impairment (possibly the entire purchase amount).

Do you want to return your product? Then contact or use it return form.


* Some products are excluding returns
If the sealing of the products below is broken, they cannot be returned. This because of hygienic reasons.

- Headphones

- Headsets

- Earbuds