Analog RCA cable

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The most common connection cable between audio devices is an analog interlink. In combination with Wharfedale, we advise the analog RCA cables from Melodika.


Melodika has the starting point that a cable does not have to influence the signal to keep a signal as possible and steerable (music) signal throughout the audio catch. Dàt we find a 'good' cable and melodika. In addition, a cable (mechanical) must be firm, durable and securely attached to the plugs.


The cables of melodika are of pure copper, fully shielded, have a strong outer sheath and are carefully attached to the plugs with silverold. Because we and Melodika have a lot of faith in such a way in the relief of the cables, you will receive a no less than five year warranty.



 Audio cable 2xrca x 2xrca with a length of 0.5 meters
Resistance of the working wire <= 68 ohm / km
24K Gold Plated Plugs
Screen in the shape of a mesh braid 160 x 0.1 mm
PE insulation
Triple shielded design
Shielding with 99% density



The characteristics of the analog RCA cable from Melodika:


  • The cable is connected to the plug by means of high-quality tin-silver solder, which means that the contact is very safe and high quality signal transfer.
  • The analog RCA cables from Melodika are intended against: UV radiation, sea water, ozone and alcohol. Furthermore, the cables from Melodika have excellent impact resistance at room temperature as at low temperatures, high mechanical energy absorption and good wear resistance.


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