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Boost your listening experience at home and store coins for more plates Wharfedale D330 tower speakers. The D330 is designed to be a compelling, accurate and transparent sound to provide a price that the long held stereotypes associated with Downs' value for money, and plays with wowing clarity, depth, lightness, punch and control. Moreover, it provides flexible placement where the majority of the uprights never could dream.

Should you place it close to a wall? Go for it and do not worry about sacrificing one of his audiodurfen. One of the secrets behind his versatility is due to the typical P-EQ (Pressure Equalization) gate system that eliminates the turbulence of traditional port design and limits the placement raises.


Description 2.5-way floorstanding speaker
housing Type bass reflex
Transducer supplement 2,5-way
Bass Driver 5 "(130 mm)
Black woven Kevlar cone
Midrange Driver 5 "(130 mm)
Black woven Kevlar cone
complete driver 1 "(25 mm) soft dome
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m) 88dB
Peak Power Handling 25-120W
peak SPL 100dB
rated impedance 8Ω compatible
minimum impedance 4.1Ω
Frequency range (+/- 3dB) 40Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass-extension (-6dB) 37Hz
Crossover Frequency 3.2kHz
Dimension (H x W x D) (940 + 25) x 200 x (310 + 28) mm
net weight 18.2kg / pcs





D330 speakers include the newly developed P-EQ Pressure Equalization bass reflex port for deep and controlled bass. The bass frequencies are transmitted via a downward gate between the speaker and the foot and sound so Omnidirectional the room. This reduces the pressure difference between the high-pressure port and the low-pressure space, so that turbulence and chuffing be minimized, and the bass response and efficiency to be improved.

The P-EQ bass port on the D330 creates the fundamentals of bass instruments, to match the realism of the midrange and tweeter. With the downward gate D330 speakers can be placed closer to the wall than conventional speakers without affecting the bass response, which the speakers are less intrusive in an area.




midrange driver

D330 speakers feature an advanced midrange / bass drive unit, using the latest generation woven Kevlar cones Wharfedale, which are bonded to a lightweight high-tech foam polyether edge. The driver supplies brightness and dynamic musical expression, for a detailed performance from an inexpensive speaker. The cone is driven by a super long throw voice coil motor system, for a better bass expansion, with low frequency accuracy. The magnetic flux is controlled by a specially shaped pole plate which reduces the inductance, and ensures that the deformation of the bass frequencies to a minimum, remains limited, while oversized ceramic magnets create a high sensitivity and a smooth response over the cone.

WFR tweeter

Wide Frequency Response tweeter was originally developed in the Diamond 11 series and is fine-tuned for the D300 series. The 25mm textile dome tweeter is built in its own closet, fiber filling for damping. The tweeter is driven by an over-sized ceramic magnet with a copper cover plate for flux control, and performs with a smooth and pure tone, creating a high-frequency detail is defined.



Crossover and cabinet

Wharfedale's Advanced Software and Listening iteration system has been used to carefully develop the new crossover to emphasize a lifelike representation of voices and instruments. The crossover components use low loss polypropylene capacitors and laminated core inductors for optimum signal transfer.

The cabinets for the D330 speakers are equipped with 28mm advances that are profiled to reduce the reflections of the high frequencies diffractions. Inside the cabinet, critical reinforcements are applied to the panels to eliminate unwanted noise and the walls are coated with a specially developed fiber to absorb resonant sounds. The sound reproduction of the speaker therefore remains free from external noise and color shades to produce a pure and delicate sound.

The D330 speakers offer a remarkable achievement from a budget, compact speaker, with an impressive middle range and smooth high end detail, with an accurate and controlled bass of the P-EQ port. The D330's are available in black, white, walnut and rosewood finishes.

Instruction manual

Downloadhere The manual.



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