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The EVO4 series of Wharfedale utilizes materials and technology from our flagship speaker, which we deliver high performance without adhering to a price tag.

This smaller loudspeaker is perfect for medium sized rooms or where space does not require large speaker, and provides the depth you expect from a large speaker, while he remains incredibly compact. The entire range is available in high-quality wood finishes, which built a strong, well arched cover housing.


Description 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker
Housing type Basreflex
Transducer supplement 3-Way
Bass Driver 5 "(130 mm) black woven Kevlar® cone x2
Midrange driver 2 "(50 mm) soft dome
Triple director 30 * 60 mm AMT
AV shield new
Sensitivity (2.83 v @ 1 m) 88dB
Recommended amplifier power 25-150W
Peak SPL 105dB
Nominal impedance 8Ω Compatible
Minimum impedance 4.4Ω
Frequency range (+/- 3DB) 48Hz ~ 22kHz
BASS extension (-6db) 42Hz
Crossover frequency 1.3kHz, 4.3kHz
Dimensions (HXWBXD) 875 x 210 x (285 + 10) mm
Net weight 22.8kg / pcs


The EVO4 series

The EVO4 series is located between the Wharfedales Award-winning Diamond 11 series and our future flagship, the Elysian speakers. This series has been developed next to the Elysian project and comes from the same extensive research and development. With characteristics that are rarely seen on products on this price, such as the significant, well-built cupboards, the beautifully curved sides and the refined driver arrangement.


EVO4's AMT high-frequency unit produces sound in a completely different way than conventional dome testers. The ribbon technology uses a large, pleated, lightweight diaphragm, driven by a series of magnets. This is an extremely efficient and accurate method to create high-frequency sound, so that the EVO4 series has an open and smooth sounding top, without being too bright and hard.


This AMT Linttweeter is linked to a fast, responsive and detailed umbrella middle toner. These soft fabric dome is equipped with an extensive damping, venting and a specially designed back room, so that the driver can sound incredibly detailed, with a wide spread so that you can hear the music as meant, wherever you are. This midrange driver can be found on all speakers within the EVO4 range, with the exception of the EVO-4.1.


Low frequencies are treated by Wharfedales low-deformation motor system, coupled to woven kevlar cones to deliver powerful bass that you can hear as well as feel. This strong, lightweight Kevlar makes the driver both quickly and powerful, which ensures accurate and deadly bass that can be impressively low and loud when needed.


The bass extension of the EVO4 is then expanded and improved by the most advanced version of the Wharfedales Signature Slot-Loaded Bassport so far. The SLPP or Slot Loaded Profiled Port is designed to extend the bass performance of the speakers using a carefully designed port in the speaker's basis, making the evo4 speakers a lot of forgiving people with their placement, where most speakers would struggle With the bass outlet, the EVO4s will still shine.


Gemini, Kevlar cones for powerful bass
The EVO 4.3, with his twins, Kevlar woofercones, produces a bass that is both deep and precise. With their high stiffness and low distortion, the EVO 4.3 remains loyal to the lowest tones - deep bass without the boom. The downwardly targeted bass ports integrate better with your room and make it easier to place the speakers because they can be placed closer to a rear wall.



Air MeansFormator Tweeter for super Detailed treble.

The highly advanced AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter delivers through its high-tech design leading details and precision. By pressing the air between the sound plates, the EVO 4.3 offers a very consistent and precise top that responds quickly to all types of music - allowing your favorite songs to be credible than ever.

The EVO 4.3 is the most compact floorstanding loudspeaker in the range, with two 5 inch woven kevlar cones and the new AMT tie tomato of Wharfedale in combination with a 2 inch soft dome middle toner, this speaker is incredibly well balanced and powerful.

With a top quality drive unit, dedicated to the middle area, the vocal display is more accurate than ever with any breathing (sometimes literally in some recordings) clearly defined. Other instruments in the middle area, such as guitars, also benefit from a higher resolution.


Tight cupboards that sound just as good as they look like

Available in the colors black, walnut and white. The curved cupboard fits perfectly in your room. But these sensual curves not only contribute to the appearance, the sound quality is also improved. Curved sides help break the internal standing waves for a lower distortion. Internal reinforcement and composite damping also help to reduce deformation and to keep the sound as smooth and accurate as possible. 



Are you not yet complete for purchasing the Wharfedale EVO 4.3? We are happy to help you gain more insight and have put several reviews among each other for this. You can also always contact us!


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