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Wharfedale's D320 / Diamond 320 is your new 2-way stereo bookshelf. The D320 contains the most advanced drive systems that have ever been to see in such an affordable speaker, and brings an impressive combination of contemporary design, high-tech and low costs in balance to offer you deep basses, a perfect rhythm and an abundance of attacks - All elements of a scorching live performances from the first row.


Description 2-way bookshelf speaker
Housing type Basreflex
Transducer supplement 2 roads
Bass Driver 5 "(130 mm)
Black woven kevlar cone
Full driver 1 "(25 mm) Soft Dome
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 87db
Peak power treatment 25-100W
Peak SPL 95dB
Nominal impedance 8Ω Compatible
Minimum impedance 3.8Ω
Frequency range (+/- 3DB) 56Hz ~ 20kHz
BASS extension (-6db) 50Hz
Crossover frequency 2.4 kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D) (310 + 10) x 180 x (250 + 28) mm
Net weight 6.0kg / pcs





Wharfedale D320 is the larger tripod speaker in the D300 series, seated above the D310 speakers at entry level and under the flagship of the D330 floor model. This range surpasses the views on how well a 'budget' loudspeaker range can be.

Wharfedale created the blueprint for modern 'budget' hi-fi speakers in the 1980s with the very first Diamond - the classic entry model for high-fidelity sound.

Compact enough to fit practically everywhere, with a soft, refined, contemporary look that distinguishes itself through radiant corners and a curved front panel, the D320 believes in its size (and costs) to play with sheer level of brightness, punch, airiness and detail. And yes, D320 knows the definition of deep, controlled and efficient bass. It can even be placed close to the rear wall, so that your installation options are expanded and you can enjoy its flexibility in any number of configurations.




Advanced Bass and Midrange Drivers
For the Bass / Mid Drivers, the newest generation of Wharfedale's long-established woven kevlar cones are connected to a super-light surround made from hi-tech foamed polyether, which delivers a remarkable brightness, texture and musical expression. These cones are powered by a super-long-throw voice coil motor system, so that a low frequency linearity and accuracy is possible that is exceptional to such cheap speakers. The use of a specially shaped pool plate from one piece, equipped with a copper cap, reduces induction and controls the magnetic flux, which ensures low distortion.

Manual WFR-Treble unit
The WFR (Wide Frequency Response) Tweeter from Wharfedale has been developed for the Diamond 11 series and refined for the D300 series. The tweeter has its own cupboard, a precisely shaped back room that is muted with a fiber filling. An oversized ceramic magnet selected for a float transition from the middle range to the high frequencies, is attached to a pool piece with copper cap for the flux control. The polar piece is led to the back room to achieve a low resonance frequency, which guarantees excellent linearity and the textile dome, which is in a waveguide, can contribute to a beautifully bright center range and a smooth, pure and richly defined high-frequency detail.


The Midbass Unit is a 130mm design made of woven Kevlar - Whafedale's material for more than two decades for more than two decades. This is now linked to a very light polymer edge and combined with a 'Super Long Throw' motor system to create a driver that is very light, but has significant freedom of movement. A central dust cover is physically part of the driver instead of a phase plug.

The D320 is a two-sided bookshelf speaker and the largest of two models in the D300 series that consists of two different stands, a floor view and a matching center speaker. Great is a relative term here and it would be a rack to name it - it is in fact just about the median for all speakers that we have tested at this price point at 31 centimeters height (ISH, as we will come) and 18 wide .

Instruction manual

DownloadhereThe manual.



"Wherever it comes to its own with a remarkably accurate and neutral sound that treats all kinds of music styles without fear or favor. Moreover, there is a sense of pleasure and energy when you play something with a small spark.
- Hi-Fi Choice, Recent Review

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