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Our vision behind the D8 and D10 subwoofers series has been clear for a long time: delivering a performance level that was previously unprecedented in his class and the listeners introduced to the beauty of the bass. Both the D8 and the D10 subwoofers go one step further and make your first serious step in the world of the subwoofer more exciting, more dynamic and more fascinating.

Feel really - in your chest - the high impact excitement of your favorite movies. Follow the stunning textures of bass guitar riffs, drum beats and cellonotes like never before. Experience everything you have missed thanks to D8 and D10.



Description / Layout Active Dynamic Drive IB subwoofer system
Drive units 1 x 10 "(250 mm) long throw cone
Frequency range (+/- 3DB) 35Hz - 150Hz
Amplifier power 150w
Peak output power 300W
Line Input Sensitivity 100mV for maximum output
Crossover range 30Hz - 150Hz
Inputs Stereo Line in (2 x RCA Phono)
Mono (LFE) Line in (RCA Phono)
Input impedance In line 10Kohms
LFE 5kohm
Signal - to-noise ratio > 85dB
GEM. Max output @ 1m 110 dB
Characteristics Low-pass filter slope adjustment
Phase inversion
Auto On / Off
High Pass Power
Dimensions 363 (+ 30) x 333 x 372 (+22)
Net weight 14kg
Gross weight 16.5 kg
accessories IEC power cord, spikes as standard



Given the modest cost, you would not expect in the active Wharfedale WH-D10 subwoofer would find a customized balanced power amplifier with 300W peak power. And you might not expect to hear tightly focused bass played with a combination of authority, punch, attack, speed and sophistication that is not associated with subwoofers near this price.


The WH-D10 is provided with a 1 x 250 mm long rotary cone which results in a frequency response of between 35 Hz - 150 Hz. This ensures that the D10 delivers fast, accurate and intense bass. The size of the cabinet is 363 x 333 x 372 mm, so that the placement of the subwoofer is simple and non-invasive.

It comes with a low-frequency bass extension below 30Hz, with a dynamic range of 86dB, which means there is deep and expressive bass when they are needed. And the D10 comes with high gloss lacquered front panels in black and white, which integrate seamlessly with the award-winning Diamond 200 Series and fit perfectly into your home environment.


Kick drums break perfectly on the beat, bladder cinematic explosions on time on the visuals, the whole is designed to compliment the effects of your speakers and improve their sonic performance.

Dynamic, fast, authoritative, intense and sophisticated sound: Wharfedale WH-D10 Subwoofer delivers incredible performance and a tight bass sound that perfectly complements the 200 Series Diamond.

Giant Killing Wharfedale WH-D10 Sub Built to impress with Custom Design Balanced Power Amp Drive, 10-inch Long-Throw Woofer, Low Pass Filter, and Gorgeous Looks.

The dynamic WH-D10 is equally well suited for both music and movies and has a 10-inch long-woofer, an adjustable low-pass filter slope, low-level inputs and a dedicated LFE input between a simplified arsenal composed by one goal: Emotionally engaging, realistic tonal, heart pumping performance change your a / V system in an escapist retreat. The data sheet informs you about the amazing bass extension (below 30 Hz) and wide dynamic range of 86dB. But your ears will tell you all you really need to know about WH-D10. 100% Guaranteed Music Direct.



WH-D10 Is designed to support your system - regardless of the specifications - to significantly improve your listening experience, not to drown it out. The D10 is therefore subtle when he is there, but blindingly clear when he is not there. The non-pressed paper cones increase the self-damping and improve the structural stiffness of the cone itself. This helps blurred and overcome distorted bass details and provides a scholar, high impact of the bass sponge.

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