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More than eighty years have taught us one important thing in speaker design and production, keep it simple. The Wharfedale Diamond series is about simple design principles associated with simple design features at a truly affordable price.


Therefore Diamond is one of our most successful speaker series ever. With Diamond 200 we have indeed improved drive technology, uses woven Kevlar woofers and included a new slot- loaded ported system. But it's still just a speaker, albeit an incredibly dynamic, highly affordable loudspeaker.




The improved cabinet design and materials you hear from the drivers and less of the cabinet, taking your favorite artists alive.

The Diamond 200 drivers are equipped with the latest hi-technology for a wonderful texture and dynamic instrumentation. The music is more expressive and compelling than ever before. And makes the new slot-loading technology allows them to close to the wall to place, meaning they sound great, where you place them too. Taste of music listening room, vinyl discs and streaming; We are all beautifully different. So we built speakers that best suit your circumstances, not ours.



They feature woven "ribbed" Kevlar drivers - incredibly light and incredibly stiff, alongside a revised, much bigger magnet system for better responsiveness. The result is something huge pay perch and accessible, but still capable of inspiring performance. The reduced (from virtually nothing at first) resonance and greater magnet in the driver has led the sound is described as clean, clear and transparent, controlled bass.

Aesthetically enhances a high gloss finish with superior MDF exterior appearance and feel of the closet, making the modest price tag of the 220 Diamond's is even more amazing.

Wharfedale has retained the layered box structure - in this case, two layers of thin MDF-sandwich the chipboard section - and glues the vinyl on the smoother MDF surfaces. The black wood vinyl in our sample is neat and unwrinkled and we can only expect this to be the case with the pearl walnut, rosewood and white quilted finishes.

The unusual slot-loaded port setup for the first time on the 100 series was shown, also come back here again, and is adapted to reduce distortion. It is claimed that such a design is more efficient than a conventional gate.

The proof is as always listen to. The tweeter remains unchanged. He's still in a deep-seated waveguide, which improves the efficiency (particularly through the crossover region).


Diamond 220 is a 2-way bookshelf speaker with 25mm soft

dome tweeters and 130mm woven Kevlar bass drivers. Combined with a
slightly larger chassis than 210 Diamond (315mm x 174mm x 227mm)
Diamant 220 offers a lighter deeper bass display and a wider dynamic range, perfect for small to medium-sized living and bedroom spaces.

Plus slot-loading bass ports make it possible to place them almost everywhere, which means they sound great, almost everywhere you place them. Enjoy all the clarity, all texture of high-fidelity audio from a slightly larger, more dynamic bookshelf speaker and experience music like never in advance thanks to Diamond 220.

Instruction manual

Download here the manual.



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